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Vestax PVTe2

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Vestax PVTe2
A.S.T.S. The most revolutionary invention in 50 years of turntable history.
The A.S.T.S. (Anti Skipping Tone-arm System) has been developed through years of experience and research into developing an innovative tone-arm for professional DJs. This system breaks all historic practice in achieving our goal of non-skipping performance in hard scratching.
A.S.T.S. consists of two inventions, short/straight arm and TH (Tracing Hold) balance system.
PVT-e2 Pivot table. The new concept in turntables utilising the unique "Active-balanced A.S.T.S".
When Vestax pioneered the ASTS and TH systems, a challenge was put out to the R&D team to make a turntable that could function at different angles. The team finally came up with a design for the Active Balanced ASTS system, which could allow the needle to track accurately at several angles. The PVT-e2 is also equipped with a powerful motor, variable speed settings, pitch control, heavy duty ASTS tone arm with Tracking Hold, quartz lock and start stop functions.
The system is so reliable that even hard scratching is possible at any angle setting.
The difference between a static balance system (horizontal turntables) is that an Active Balance system uses a special spring that compensates for the change in the gravitational force working against the tone arm.
In 1999, the Vestax R&D team moved away from convention and brought us the ASTS-Anti Skip Tone arm System. This coupled with a further development called TH-Track Hold-means that external forces that often cause the needle to skip/jump are reduced considerably.
The Pitch control fader also gives you a further +/- 10% control over the platter speed. The platter can be set to play at 45 or 33 1/3rpm.
Swings backward or foreward 36 degree
First 3 Dimension DJ turntable player
Eye catcher in every club and discotheque
ASTS Anti Skipping active-balanced Tonearm System
Anti feedback cabinet special designed for DJ use
Fine pitch control fader

The device is a registered trademark of Advanced System Technologies Limited.
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