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Alpine INAN333R-003

CD Tuner with RDS. Navigation DVD,
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Alpine INAN333R-003
Black facia CD Tuner with RDS. Navigation DVD, CD and DVD changer ready CDR/RW compatible removable facia and optional wireless remote. Dual illumination swing face. Includes European disc. RDS, radio text, auto memory, up/down seek, local/DX selection, preset address indicator, digital servo, music sensor up/down, forward/backward, disc play/pause, M.I.X. music scan, repeat, disc title memory, CD text display and scroll, regulated 1bit DAC O bit mute, disc play pause, repeat, music scan, disc title memory, CD text display and scroll, multi CD changer control, bass engine, subwoofer phase selector, bass centre frequency control, treble centre frequency control, bass band width control, loudness, separate bass and treble control, S.T.M., external processor preset call, DVD changer ready, mobile hub link, sound guide, operation indicator, dual illumination buttons (green/amber, green/blue), swing face, anti theft detachable face panel, steering remote controller ready, ISO connector, dimmer-on inpu

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