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Alpine CVA1003R

Ice Indash Screen Inc Tuner 35w
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Alpine CVA1003R
- The CVA-1003R combines a high quality amplifier and tuner with a wide-screen, information-packed colour monitor
- Its easy to operate and can even be used with the monitor down
- Advanced functions include the two Bass Engine functions plus Bass Forward, as well as a BBE Processor
- Team this unit with the DVD changer and youve got a great entertainment system
- But now you can upgrade to Alpine
- All of our Bass Engine Equipped head units have a remote control interface input that connects to an interface box so the steering wheel remote controls can be used Bass Centre Frequency Control
- With a choice of eight frequencies, you can listen and compare the differences, choosing the centre frequency that results in the bass response that best matches the music and your personal preferences
- subwoofer Level Control

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