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Acer D100

Personal Navigation Device
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Acer D100
Acer d100 is a complete portable car navigation system that meets your mobile needs: easy, intuitive and powerful. Out of the box, it helps you in a "3-Step-Setup" to find your way, wherever you need to go.
As a true mobile solution, the Acer d100 Portable Navigator follows you wherever you need to go. Designed for pure fingertip-operation, it can be used simply via touch-screen or the front buttons. The bright 3, 5" TMR screen will always give you an optimal view - even in direct sunlight - where you are and where to go, combined with a clear and powerful loudspeaker and accurate turn-by-turn voice instructions. Acer d100 even follows your language preferences, as it speaks Europes 5 main languages (further languages downloadable).
Powered by Destinator DS navigation software combined with latest Navteq maps and latest integrated GPS technology, it helps you find your way all over Europe from door-to-door (even cross country function is supported in the European version).
Either in your car or at your desk, plan your trip ahead by defining multiple waypoints and destinations, chose quickest or shortest route to be more economic and even decide whether to avoid toll roads. Get inspired by thousands of POI (points of interest) to find the nearest restaurant, hotel, museum, facility or, on very long trips: gas or service stations. Optimize your trips and once on the road, get warned for speed limits. Arrived at your destination, you can even use d100 in pedestrian mode.
Store you business contacts or friends details in the Acer d100 Portable Navigator contacts database and find your way with one fingertip. Combined with a notebook or PC it even allows you to easily exchange them between your d100 and Microsoft Outlook via ActiveSync 3.8.
On top of a fully professional navigation system, Acer d100 brings along a picture viewer and mp3-music player. So, coming back from your business trip or going to the beach, enjoy your favorite music and share pictures and moments with your friends and family.
Wherever you need to go, getting there was never as easy and pleasant as today!

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