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Aiptek Pocketcam DV 2

dv2 pocket cam
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Aiptek Pocketcam DV 2
No chunky manual or confusing technical information, the DV II is one of the easiest gadgets to master... before you know it you'll be shooting your own movies and changing your name to Spielberg.............
Smaller than half the size of your palm, the new Pocket DV II records live motion & sound onto a digital compact flash card
No more loading chunky tapes, simply insert a tiny flash card and transfer your footage direct to your PC for editing, viewing or emailing.
If computers are not your thing, you can also view the footage via your TV on the camcorders built in mini 1.4 inch LCD screen.
The DV II features a 4 in 1 design, its not content with being one of the smallest camcorders in the world. The DV II also has a high resolution 1.3 mega-pixel built in digital camera, web-cam and voice recorder..............
If this still is not enough to tempt you, the DV II comes with a 16mb built in SDRAM with the option to expand up to a whopping 512mb. It also comes bundled with enough software to allow you to shoot, edit, add special effects and burn your video footage to VCD to keep forever...........

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