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Pocket digital camcorder
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A gem of possibilities, the multi functional digital camcorder Pocket DV 8900 from Aiptek is a hybrid in a super slim container !With the PocketDV 8900 you can even†record in MPEG 4 format, simply with no hassle whenever you want.Equipped with a CMOS captor of 5m pixels, you can take photos ( with interpolation of up to x10 m pixels). With integrated flash any nasty suprises with low lighting are a thing of the past.The Pocket DV8900† is equipped with a superb rotating LCD screen, 2" diagonal, allowing you freedom of movement.TV output and USB port for viewing or transfer, the Pocket DV8900 is not limited to digital imagery, infact with the MP3 player you can also have fun with your favourite music between video recording. The dictaphone mode enables you to record vocals, simply and easily.This neat system also doubles up as a webcam, ideal for a video conference !The Pocket DV8900 all -in-one comes with a number of accessories and will†live up to†any technophiles expectations.

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