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MINOLTA 8x25 Compact II

Compact II Binoculars
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MINOLTA 8x25 Compact II
Minolta Compact II Binoculars offer powerful magnifications plus a neo-classic design that's lightweight, comfortable to hold, and perfect for theater-goers, hikers, and travelers. These quality compact binoculars are also ideal for outdoor sports, backpacking, or birding, and for any other activity where small size and light weight are important considerations. Minolta's Compact II binoculars provide carry-everywhere convenience. Rubber coatings on the top and sides assure secure holding, and the low-glare, tinted metallic finish exudes fine workmanship. The Compact II binoculars provide comfortable viewing. They use multi-coated quality optics to assure clear and crisp images. With a short minimum focus distance users can examine the details of close items, and distant objects are pulled up close. This allows the user to adjust the binoculars to the requirements of his or her own eyes. Diopter adjust is independent of focusing and needs to be set only once for the user. The large center-focusing whe

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