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Doro BM35 PMR

Baby Monitor
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Doro BM35 PMR
The Doro BM35 is a baby monitor using PMR technology offering continuous operation or automatic monitoring. It has eight channels and 38 sub channels and has up to 3KM of range allowing long distance monitoring. The 300 channels ensure secure uninterrupted monitoring around the home or garden without restriction. Benefits These features overcome difficulties such as old, thick stone-walled houses and multiple demands on limited channels in highly populated areas. Great for apartment blocks or when on holiday where several families are using baby channels simultaneously. On top of this the BM35 offers additional features such as a torch on the parent unit for checking your child at night without disturbance, and the sensitivity adjustment function allows you to monitor your child at the level most comfortable to you - continuous, automatic every x seconds or on noise/voice activation.

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