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Sharp FU40SEK

Air Purifier.
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Sharp FU40SEK
# Sharp Air Purifier
# Bring up your family in a healthier atmosphere
# By simply breathing in, your family can be exposed to unwanted airborne viruses and mould spores in your home. The good news is that theres now an effective way to help alleviate them. Its the Sharp FU-40SEK air purifier, featuring our exclusive Plasma Cluster Ion technology.
# Ideal for living rooms, kitchens, bedrooms and conservatories.
# Ultra-slim, stylish design.
# Plasma Cluster Technology Automatically Monitors the Air and Controls Ion Balance
# When the air is not clean, cluster ions are discharged into the air, eliminating odours and nitrogen oxide from cigarette smoke as well as neutralising mould spores.
# When the air is clean, more negative ions are discharged to keep the air fresh and clean.
# True Anti-Bacteria Apatite HEPA Filter
# Collects Dust, Smoke and Pollen, creating cleaner air for the Room.
# Double Sensors (Odour and Dust) - Enable Automatic Operation.
# Special Modes for Smoke/Pollen Removal
# Noise-Free, Energy-Efficient Inverter Operation
# Powerful High Speed Airflow Mode of 240 m3/hr to Quiet Low Speed of 30 m3/hr
# Air Status Indicator for Odour and Dust
# Remote Contro

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